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Money Robot IS FOR YOU if ...

You own websites

If you are trying to rank on the SERPs without any results then you have to try Money Robot. By doing so, you can improve your position and increase the number of organic traffic you attract, no matter what niche you are in.


You are part of an SEO company

Many companies choose to use Money Robot to increase their productivity by ranking their clients’ websites quickly and easily.


You are part of small and large media companies

There are companies of all kinds that use Money Robot as a tool to manage blogs, as well as to distribute and publish their content to thousands of websites and blogs daily.


You are part of a big corporation

Money Robot’s clients include some big corporations who use the software for SEO purposes and as a blog management tool to post their company news on thousands of blogs and websites.

Why is our link building software the most powerful in the world? ?

Money Robot supports unlimited website platforms among which are:

• Web 2.0 Blogs
• Social Network Posts
• Social Bookmarking
• Web Directories
• Wiki Articles
• Press Release
• Article Directories
• Web 2.0 Profiles
• Forum Profiles

With a great user interface, you only need to have a basic understanding of how to use the software and you can easily and quickly make your own link building campaigns

Link Building and SEO

                                                                                                                                                                       Anyone who has worked in SEO knows how difficult it is to have a good amount of quality backlinks: it involves creating accounts, confirming emails and sending content to thousands of websites but with Money Robot this process is completely automatic, which turns into a greater number of clients and much more sales.

High Speed Submission

With Money Robot you can define the speed with which you want the sites to be processed at the same time, being able to reach a speed of 50 sites simultaneously.

Smart Submission Process

It is not necessary to do any process to do the accounts or index the links. You just have to create a campaign and the software will take care of the rest for you.

Artificial Intelligence

The software uses Firefox or Chrome to simulate 100% real human activity and can easily pass any robot detection mechanism.

No more searching and scrape

Money Robot has massive server resources that are crawling the web for any site that can provide you with high-quality backlinks and will be able to easily submit your content fully automatically.

Article rewriting & spinning

You don’t have to worry about having to do article after article to get your backlinks, Money Robot has built-in spinning functions that can rewrite your article as many times as necessary or even make it based on your keywords.

Backlink monitor feature

With this functionality you will be able to easily manage and track all your live backlinks, including anchor texts and all other related information.

Excellent technical support

Our support team is always at your disposal to answer any questions or help you with any problem you have, available by live chat on our page, by email and our ticket system. All of our technical representatives are highly trained people capable of assisting you in English or Spanish.

Automatic Updates

You shouln’t worry about having to buy an updated version of the software from time to time, once you buy the license you will have access to all the updates that are made when your license is valid for free.

The best part is that we have updates almost daily!

Automatic captcha resolution

Money Robot automatically solves all simple captchas for free and also supports the main captcha resolution services for the more complex ones.

Money back guarantee

For our team your happiness comes first, so we offer you 7 days trial to try the software completely free before deciding to make the purchase and once you do, you have up to 7 more days to request a refund if for any reason you decide that Money Robot is not the perfect SEO tool for you.

Buy Now - Your shopping safety is guaranteed!

All orders are processed securely by PayPal which is one of the leading provider of online Payment processing services.

Monthly subscription

$67 USD / Month

$60 USD / Month

Software lifetime license

$497 USD One time fee

$447 USD / One time fee

When did Money Robot Submitter start to develop?

Money Robot Submitter was first developed in 2003 for a specific niche, then expanded to serve all niches. It keeps updating since then.

Money Robot Submitter in Spanish

Money Robot in Spanish is MR’s official website for all of Latin America and Spain. This software has been gaining momentum for the Spanish-speaking community for some years, but until now it had not had support or special payment conditions that are adjusted to the Spanish-speaking public.

However, if you are a not Spanish-speaker person you can also buy with a discount!

What exactly does Money Robot Submitter do?

It is the best automated SEO backlink generation software in the world. Regardless of the industry you work in, whatever website you have, it is a tool that allows you to climb the search engine rankings.

Who should use the software?

Everyone can use Money Robot regardless of their niche or industry. Whether you’re doing digital marketing, promoting your business through your website and reaching new customers, or owning a specific blog or content site, you may need MR software in every field where there is competition.

Is there a risk of penalization or my site being damaged?

Don’t worry about any penalization, we have over 12,000 clients and none have had issues so far. Money Robot creates high quality links from high authority sites, especially web 2.0 properties, which are very good for SEO and perfectly safe. It also simulates 100% human behavior during submissions (submissions speed is also normal), so campaigns take a long time. It is totally safe to use the software.

On how many computers can I use the program when I obtain a license?

When you get a monthly or lifetime license, you can run the program on two computers at the same time.

On how many sites can I use the software?

You can use the software for as many websites as you want. There is not limit.

What kind of support do you offer?

We offer you to clarify your doubts before buying, guide you once you are starting and technical support once you have a monthly or lifetime license. Once you make the payment, we will send you your license code within the first 24 hours, in the same way that we wil answer your questions within a maximum period of 24 hours.

Do you have a refund policy?

You can use the software for free for a week to see if the program is for you, after that you will need to purchase a license. Once the purchase is made, you can request a refund within the first 7 days after purchasing the license. We will refund all your money for applications within this period.

Why should you get a license?

You cannot use Money Robot Submitter without a license after the trial period. Campaigns are the lifeblood of the program, and without a license you won’t be able to run them or use expertly-tested diagrams that deliver the best results in less time.

Why should you buy Money Robot Submitter software in Spanish?

There are many reasons for this. We are the official site in Spanish for the software, so we offer quality, security and speed in solving any problem you may experience in your own language, which facilitates communication and reduces any inconvenience due to this barrier.

In addition, we have special discounts designed exclusively for our Spanish and Latin American public (which you can also have if you are going to purchase from this page!)

Is there a guarantee of success?

As you may know, SEO is a long-running business and it depends on many factors. Good SEO optimization on a website cannot be done with backlink campaigns alone. On-page SEO is a very important factor, as is having its version for mobile optimized, that users can easily find what they are looking for, original, quality and SEO-friendly content, fast loading of the site, among many others.

However, the most important criterion in off-page SEO is to create a correct backlink pyramid. For this, Money Robot is the ideal software that will help you build high-quality backlinks.

As with all SEO studies, your success will emerge from the combination of all these criteria. No SEO professional can guarantee success every time, however Money Robot makes backlink building more accurate and automated, making your job easier.