SEO Backlink Monitor (Free)

Manage your Backlinks URLs like a Pro

Backlink Monitor software is the easiest way to manage and track all your website backlinks including your backlink anchor texts and all other information related to your backlinks.

The only thing you need to do is to insert your backlinks list and then allow Backlink Monitor to monitor and scan all your backlinks status and anchor text information. The software can also search for html content inside all your URLs and can identify all websites that contain your specified html content.

Backlink Monitor is the fastest and most powerful link monitor software available, and can work with up to 500 threads simultaneous and it is 100% FREE.

How should I use SEO Backlink Monitor Software ?

The software is designed to be used everyday, in all SEO related link building activities that you perform.
You will daily build new backlinks , you only need to paste your new backlinks in the software main URLs list and click on the start button.

Features and Benefits

Very easy to use , you only need to add your site URL and your backlinks URLs and just click on the ‘START’ button, IT COULD NOT BE EASIER!.

The Seo Backlink Monitor software can also search for HTML content in any URLs for your specified HTML content, this feature will allow you to prepare your website lists before use them in your SEO backlink software.

The software is completely free and is the most powerful link monitoring software available on the market designed by one of the best known SEO Company from Europe.

The application reports are easily transferred to your preferred text editor (Microsoft Excel , OpenOffice Calc, etc.) just using the copy/paste to clipboard command.

Essential for both SEO experts and beginners.

If you have an activity in “SEO world” you definitely need our best SEO Backlink Monitor, you can stop completely to manually tracking your backlinks and start working like a PRO. Just paste all your backlinks to the software and let the software do the job and watch it works for you completely free. It will check all the backlinks status and let you focus on your SEO strategies.

Software Minimum Requirements
Windows Xp or higher with 32 or 64 bits, minimum RAM memory recommended is 500MB and at least 50MB free disk space.