Can I use Money Robot Submitter to rank my Fiverr gig?


Hey there, this is Gabriella. In this video, I’m going to show you how to use Money Robot Submitter to rank your Fiverr gig and get more traffic and sales. If you’re not familiar with Money Robot Submitter, it’s a software that allows you to submit articles and videos to various websites and social media platforms to improve your ranking. And of course, if you’re looking to rank your Fiverr gig, better ranking is exactly what you want.

First, let’s talk about Fiverr SEO and how to improve it on your gig before we dive into Money Robot. This brings us to step one: using Fiverr’s search bar autocomplete feature to help us pick the right keyword. For instance, if you’re a graphic designer creating a gig to sell logos, you would go to Fiverr and type ‘logo’ into the search bar. The dropdown menu will show you search terms that Fiverr has autocompleted based on what you’ve typed in, similar to how Google’s search bar works.

Using some of these suggestions will help you be specific and avoid being too broad in your niche. Instead of just optimizing your title and description with the word ‘logo,’ which is too general and competitive, it’s much better to narrow down your keyword to something more specific, like ‘logo design’ or ‘logo animation.’

Whatever terms you see here are what you’ll work with. If you choose ‘logo design,’ check all the other search terms that appear, as this will narrow down your niche. Whatever you pick here will help you be more specific with your keywords and include them in your title and description.

After selecting terms like ‘modern minimalist,’ you’ll need to change your Fiverr URL to something like ‘,’ which will be your URL. Taking this and the keywords you want to work with, like ‘logo design,’ we’ll jump over to Money Robot.

You can also use Money Robot’s keyword research feature, which is included in your license, so there’s no extra cost. This feature gives you ideas from Google, but the terms from Fiverr’s search bar are based on what people are looking for on Fiverr, which is the main difference between the two search bars.

Now, let’s create our Fiverr logo gig. Remember to click on ‘Advanced’ to see all the features. Create an account with your main keyword, like ‘logo design minimalist,’ which will be your new category. Then, go to ‘Generic Keywords’ and input around 50-60; it’s important to have a natural mix of keywords.

Save your settings, add your gig URL, and then use keywords like ‘logo design minimalist’ and ‘luxury business logo.’ My recommendation is to start with one main keyword and then work with others.

For Fiverr, I’m going to use a diagram that’s great for creating new accounts. Once we have it, we can use another diagram that’s good for reusing accounts. This means for the first campaign, we use a diagram like ‘1 3 12 plus social’ to create new accounts. I’ll put the diagram code in the description area.

Then, I’ll do campaigns two through five, reusing the account I made under the first diagram. For the sixth campaign, I’ll create new accounts again, and then for campaigns seven through ten, I’ll reuse those accounts.

Every time you finish a campaign, clone the account and start a new campaign. Make sure to create a new article each time. After you’ve done ten campaigns, you can use a different diagram that allows for multiple keywords in the article.

Remember, your title and description need to include the keywords you found because Fiverr SEO is ultimately similar to Google SEO. I hope this helps you guys, and if you have any questions, leave them in the comment area. Until the next one!

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Hey there, this is Gabriela, and in this video, I’m going to show you how you can use Money Robot Submitter to rank your Fiverr gig and get more traffic and sales. Now, suppose you’re not familiar with Money Robot Submitter. In that case, the software allows you to submit articles and videos to different websites and social media platforms to get better rankings.
And obviously, if you’re looking to rank your Fiverr gig, then getting better rankings is something you want.

First, we need to talk about Fiverr SEO or how to improve your SEO on your gig before talking about Money Robot.

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