Cloning Campaigns in Money Robot Submitter


“In this video, we’ll learn how to clone a campaign in Money Robot Submitter. But why would we want to clone a campaign? Well, after creating a campaign, there’s no direct way to edit it. We can rename the project, the campaign, or even delete it, but editing isn’t straightforward. Sometimes, though, we need to replicate the exact configuration from another successful campaign—same keywords, links, images, and everything else—while updating the article content. Let’s dive into the process step by step:

  1. Creating a New Campaign:
    • Start by creating a new campaign. For demonstration purposes, let’s call it “Campaign 1.”
    • Set up your campaign with the necessary details. You can configure proxies, keywords, URLs, and other settings.
  2. Cloning the Campaign:
    • Once Campaign 1 is complete, we want to clone it to maintain the same configuration for future campaigns.
    • Click the right button (context menu) above the campaign name. You’ll see a submenu.
    • Choose the option to “Clone Project.”
    • Voilà! Everything from Campaign 1 is now available in the cloned project: the same diagram, URLs, keywords, and articles.
    • The only thing left to do is update the article content and change the campaign name.
  3. Updating the Article and Starting the Cloned Campaign:
    • Edit the article as needed. Make sure it’s fresh and relevant.
    • Rename the campaign if desired.
    • Hit the “Start” button, and your cloned campaign is ready to go!

That’s it! Cloning a campaign is straightforward and allows you to replicate successful setups while making necessary adjustments. Don’t forget to subscribe, like, and share if you find this helpful. More videos are on the way! Thanks, and see you in the next one!”

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In this video we are going to learn how to clone a campaign inside Money Robot Software.

Why clone? After we create a campaign there is no way to edit it, we can rename the project (the name of the campaign), we can delete it or we can create a new one. We can also clone but we cannot edit and many times part of the strategy is to redo the same configuration that we have in a campaign, the same links, the same keywords, the same photos, the same everything … but refreshing the article. We can never create a campaign again with the same article without having updated it from the previous campaign.

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