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“Hello there! This is Gabriela, and today let’s delve into the topic of spinning content in Money Robot. It’s an essential aspect of SEO, especially when dealing with different languages. I’ll break down the process and share some tips:

  1. Manual Spinning vs. Money Robot:
    • Some users prefer manual spinning, where they rewrite content themselves. Others rely on Money Robot’s built-in spin feature.
    • For languages like Spanish, you’ve had success using Money Robot directly. Great choice!
  2. Creating a New Campaign:
    • When setting up a new campaign, start by adding relevant keywords to the keyword idea box.
    • Next, create an article. You have two options here:
  3. Using Your Own Content:
    • If you have existing content (perhaps for a client), you can input it directly. Money Robot will then spin it for you.
    • Click the “Spin Article” button, and it will generate multiple variations based on the original content.
  4. Ordering New Content:
    • Sometimes, you’ll need fresh content. For specific ideas or niches, consider ordering custom articles.
    • Use these unique articles for your campaigns. They’ll provide a fresh perspective and better results.
  5. Content Rewriting:
    • Another approach is to use an external tool (like the one you mentioned) to rewrite content.
    • Input the original article, click “Rewrite,” and get multiple versions. This gives you even more diversity.
  6. Keyword Variations:
    • Remember that spinning isn’t just about changing words. It’s also about varying keyword usage.
    • If you’re targeting keywords like “plumbers” or “roofing repair,” ensure that your spun articles reflect these variations.
  7. Tier 2 and Beyond:
    • For tier 2 backlinks or other supporting layers, Money Robot’s article creator is handy.
    • It saves time and ensures consistency across your campaigns.

Remember, the right approach depends on your specific goals, client preferences, and the type of website you’re working with. Feel free to ask if you have any more questions! Until next time, happy spinning! ????????”

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