How to move Money Robot accounts from one pc to another 2022?


Hello, everyone! Gabriela here with another video. Today, I’ll address some common questions from our Money Robot users.

1. Moving Money Robot Accounts Between PCs

  • You can use Money Robot on two different devices (PCs or laptops) with one license. That means you can share accounts between these two machines.
  • When you work on PC1 and PC2 (or BP1 and BP2), all the accounts under your license are accessible on both machines.
  • However, campaigns are not shared across devices. If you create a campaign on PC1, it won’t automatically appear on PC2. Each machine maintains its own campaign data.

2. Moving Accounts Within Money Robot Submitter

  • To move accounts within Money Robot Submitter, follow these steps:
    1. Merge Accounts: If you accidentally create duplicate categories or accounts, you can merge them. This process ensures better organization and avoids confusion.
    2. Check the Description: I’ve already created a video tutorial on moving accounts. You’ll find it in the description below.

3. Moving Accounts Between Licenses

  • Yes, it’s possible to move accounts from one license to another. However, this action requires assistance from our support team.
  • If you need to transfer an account (e.g., from “” to “”), reach out to us via Telegram, email, or live chat. We’ll handle the process for you.

I hope this clarifies things! Feel free to ask any further questions in the comments. Until the next video—take care! ????????

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How to move money robot accounts from one pc to another?
In this video I explain you how accouts works from one pc to another one.

You can check this other viddeo about accounts:”How to move accounts in Money Robot Submitter”

Is it possible to move accounts from one money robot to another or simply can we share accounts with other money robot users?
It is possible, you will need to contact us to do it for you

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