How to pause a Task in Money Robot Submitter


“Many people wonder how to pause a campaign in Money Robot Submitter. The process is straightforward: you need to pause the task that is currently running. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Identify the Running Task: Look for the task that is currently active. It might be the one you’re working on or a task that has already completed some steps and is now in progress.
  2. Pause the Task: Hover your mouse over the active task, and you’ll see a pause button. Click on it to stop the task. When you pause the task, the entire campaign will halt because you’re interrupting the task that was running at that moment.
  3. Resuming the Campaign: If you want to resume the campaign later, simply click the ‘Start Task’ button when you’re ready. Money Robot Submitter will pick up where you left off.

Remember that you don’t need to manually pause campaigns if you’re closing Money Robot Submitter. When you shut down your computer or close the application, all active campaigns will automatically pause. When you reopen the app, they’ll resume from where you left off. It’s a convenient feature that saves you time and effort.

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Many people wonder how to pause a campaign. The way to pause a campaign is to pause
the task that is running.

In this case, this is the task you which is currently running, but it could have been around here and already completed all of these and be on this task. So, in the task that is currently running, there you go to place yourself on top of the task, click it and here you have the pause button and you stop it.

That way the whole campaign stops, because we are stopping the task that was running at that time, if we want to resume it, at the time we want to resume it, we press start task and that’s it.

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