How to rank your Google My Busines (Google Business Profile) with Money Robot for 2022


Hi there, it’s Gabriela with another Money Robot video. Let’s discuss a strategy I use for the Google 3-Pack, now known as the Google Business Profile. In this video, we’ll focus on the DMV Crush extension, which I’ll link to in the description area, so don’t worry about noting it down now.

This extension, represented by the small icon here, is crucial for our strategy. Let’s say we’re looking for a ‘quantum plumber.’ We’ll pick one from the list—any will do. With this extension, you’ll see a link to the CID, which is vital. It also provides latitude and longitude, but for now, we’ll focus on the CID.

Let’s perform a quick keyword search for ‘Atlanta plumber’ and grab a few options. Now, let’s open a new campaign. We’ll skip the ones without reviews and select ‘services plumber’ instead.

The GMB Crush extension provides the CID link and categories, which are incredibly helpful for auditing competitors. I’ll demonstrate how to audit a Google Business Profile and work with categories in another video. For example, I use categories that will serve as landing pages and include them as H2 tags on the homepage. It’s essential to have these categories as your main keywords on your website.

Now, focusing on this particular strategy, I’ll send backlinks to my main CID numbers. While I usually don’t include the CID link directly, I’ll copy it and use it in the campaign setup. First, we’ll create with the keywords, and then I’ll show you a different approach.

For the account, I’ll use the main category ‘Atlanta plumber,’ remembering to always add the city when working with local SEO. Once the setup is complete, I’ll add the iframe and the NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) with the website. It’s important to note that the NAP doesn’t need to have any links or anchor text; it’s only for reference.

Additionally, I’ll copy the directions and include them in the campaign, as the language will automatically adjust based on your location. This gives us the latitude and longitude for my business, which is crucial. I can add this information at the end of the campaign or elsewhere as needed.

Typically, I’ll create at least 10-12 campaigns linking to my CID and map, including the latitude and longitude. I also create similar campaigns for Google Business Profile posts. For example, I’ll label the campaigns ‘plumber 1,’ ‘plumber 2,’ etc., to keep track of the number of campaigns I’m running.

Initially, I’ll create a new account under the category ‘Atlanta plumber,’ which is one of the main ones. As I progress, I’ll reuse the category for subsequent campaigns.

I’m currently working on a video about the diagrams to use for 2022, and I’ll use the same example we’re discussing here to show you the other strategies. For now, we’re focusing on this CID strategy, and I’ll also create some campaigns for the posts.

In the next video, I’ll show you how to handle the posting part and discuss the diagrams to use in 2022. I hope this has given you an idea of how to approach the Google Business Profile and rank within the Google Maps 3-Pack.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please let me know. I’ll include contact information and relevant links in the description.

Until the next one, bye!**

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