Hi there, this is Gabriella. Let’s discuss a strategy for a brand new website. We’ll use this as our blueprint, providing a step-by-step guide on what to work on for a new site. The basics include setting up Google Analytics and Google Search Console. I’ll create videos for that, so don’t worry. These tools help ensure everything from your site’s URL to codes is in order.

For WordPress users, consider installing an SEO plugin to help with keyword checking, sitemap creation, and Google Search Console verification. Try not to use too many plugins, as they can slow down your site. I don’t install Google Analytics directly on WordPress; instead, I keep the analysis external.

We’ll also conduct keyword research to know exactly which keywords we want to rank for. Set up rank tracking, or use Google Search Console data to monitor your keyword positions. Don’t forget to include essential pages like ‘About,’ ‘Contact,’ ‘Privacy Policy,’ etc., as Google pays attention to these.

Firstly, ensure you have good on-page SEO. I’ll create a new video to update you on this process. Then, run campaigns for every page on your site, not just for keyword research lists. Make sure to check for duplicate content using tools like Copyscape.

Use Money Robot to find related keywords, as ranking for similar keywords is beneficial. Create content for your campaigns using Money Robot’s article creator or your own content. I’ll make a separate video on content creation.

For the strategy, if you’re working with social signals, use the appropriate diagram. I love using certain diagrams that have been tested extensively. You should aim to do a total of 20 campaigns per keyword, starting with creating new accounts and then reusing them for quick indexing.

For a new campaign, click ‘New Campaign,’ right-click, import the diagram, and enter the ID. This will be one of the first diagrams from 2022, giving good results. If the niche isn’t too competitive, you can use the first strategy; otherwise, mix it with others.

Create campaigns for your main categories first, then work on each post or page. For each category, use one URL and maybe two keywords. When creating campaigns in Money Robot, it will pull more information, so you can add more there.

After completing a campaign, clone it and start a new one with the same URL but refresh the keywords. This process should be repeated for all campaigns, ensuring you reuse accounts.

If you encounter any issues, simply restart Money Robot. Remember, you’re not just creating campaigns randomly; there’s much more to do to support your efforts.

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In this video, I’m going to show you the best-ranking strategy for new websites using Money Robot Submitter.

Hey there, my name is Gabriela and in this video, I’m going to show you the best-ranking strategy for new websites using Money Robot Submitter.

Now if you’re like me, you want your website to rank as quickly as possible and get as much traffic as possible. And that’s exactly what I’m going to show you how to do today. Stay tuned.

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