Post Ideas for GMB with ChatGPT


Hi there! Today, we are going to discuss ideas for Google My Business or Google profile posts and explore the best way to structure them. Let’s dive right in!

In our previous video, we emphasized the importance of relevant keywords related to your business categories. Now, let’s focus on creating effective Google My Business posts. We’ll use the head title from your website pages to ensure consistency and relevance.

  1. Keyword Research:
    • Start by identifying relevant keywords related to your business category. These keywords will guide your content creation.
    • Consider using tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs to find suitable keywords.
  2. Content Creation:
    • Use the H1 (headline) from your website as a starting point. This ensures consistency and relevance.
    • Craft a 200-word content piece around the chosen keyword. Remember, Google indexes content, so having substantial text is essential.
    • Include relevant details, such as awards, discounts, milestones, and staff introductions.
    • Customer testimonials are powerful – consider sharing positive reviews.
  3. Why 200 Words?
    • Google favors content with a minimum length of 200 words. It helps with indexing and ranking.
    • Don’t worry if people don’t read every word; the goal is to provide valuable information.
  4. Submission and Interlinking:
    • After creating your post, submit it using Money Robot to enhance indexing.
    • Interlink your posts within your website to improve overall SEO.

Remember, consistency matters. By aligning your Google My Business posts with your website content, you’ll create a cohesive online presence. Feel free to ask any questions, and until next time! ????

#Googleprofile #Googlemybusinessposts #poststructure #MoneyRobotTutorial The video discusses ideas for Google My Business (GMB) posts and emphasizes the importance of using relevant keywords and creating content with at least 200 words to improve Google indexing.

????The video suggests using the head title from a website and finding related search keywords for GMB posts.

????Having at least 200 words of content helps improve Google indexing.

????Ideas for GMB posts include sharing industry-related tips, offering discounts, celebrating

????Keywords milestones, and featuring customer testimonials.

????The speaker emphasizes the relevance between GMB posts and website content.

????The video concludes by encouraging viewers to ask questions and share their thoughts.

GMB, Google My Business, keywords, content, indexing Some ideas for Google Business posts!

1. Share a behind-the-scenes look at your business operations to give customers a feel of the day-to-day activities.

2. Highlight a customer of the month, sharing their experience with your service or product (with their permission, of course).

3. Post tips or advice related to your industry, positioning your business as an expert in the field.

4. Share any awards or recognitions your business has received to build credibility.

5. Offer a limited-time discount or special offer to followers who mention the Google Business post.

6. Celebrate milestones like anniversaries, achieving specific goals, or community events your business participates in.

7. Introduce staff members to personalize your business and make your team more relatable to customers.

8. Share customer testimonials and reviews to build trust with potential customers.


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