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“Hello there! This is Gabriela. Today, let’s delve into the topic of traffic models. I often receive questions about how to generate organic traffic and why some clicks appear as direct referrals in analytics rather than organic ones.

Firstly, if you’re working with a new website, Google might not have indexed your specific URL with its associated keywords. Even if you add the URL to the traffic module and input relevant keywords, organic traffic won’t magically appear out of nowhere. So, what can you do?

Here’s my approach:

  1. Google Search Console: Start by checking what Google already knows about your website. Go to the Google Search Console and navigate to the “Performance” section. From there, explore the “Pages” tab. Click on any of your pages to see how it’s performing.
  2. Queries: In the “Queries” section, you’ll find insights into which top queries are associated with your URL. Even if you see impressions but zero clicks, it means Google recognizes your URL for those specific keywords.
  3. Keyword Selection: Take note of these relevant keywords. If there are three keywords associated with your page, use them. Now, let’s set up a campaign.
  4. Traffic Module Campaign: Create a new campaign in Money Robot for this particular URL. Use the keywords you identified earlier. By doing this, you’re telling Money Robot to focus on generating organic traffic for these specific terms.
  5. Balancing Act: Be cautious not to overload the traffic module with too many keywords. Start with two or three relevant ones. Too many keywords might skew the analytics, making it appear as direct traffic rather than organic.

Remember, the goal of using the traffic model is to boost organic visibility. I hope this clarifies the process! Feel free to ask any more questions. You can also reach out to me via Telegram or WhatsApp. Until next time, take care! ????????”

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