Best SEO Backlink Software: How to Start your first Campaign on Money Robot Submitter


“In this video, I’ll guide you through starting a campaign in Money Robot Submitter. The software is user-friendly yet powerful. Follow these steps:

  1. Proxy Settings:
    • Before you begin, check your proxy settings. Click on the “Settings” button.
    • Navigate to the proxy tab and check the box labeled “Use Money Robot Proxy System.” Save your settings.
  2. Creating a New Campaign:
    • Click the “New Campaign” button.
    • In the new window, select your preferred diagram. We recommend using the “1> 3> 12” diagram for new accounts.
  3. Setting Up Your Account:
    • Create a new account with your main target keyword.
    • Insert your website URL and relevant keywords.
    • Click the link provided to automatically generate an article for submissions.
    • Each article will be related to your keyword niche and include your money site URLs.
  4. Starting the Campaign:
    • Once all campaign details are filled in, press the “Start Campaign” button.

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Money Robot Tutorial for beginners:
This comprehensive tutorial video will show you how to start your first Campaign on Money Robot step by step.

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