Embed a Map: Money Robot´s Articles


“In this video, you’ll learn how to embed Google Map code inside a Money Robot article. Follow these steps:

  1. Locate Your Business on Google Maps:
    • Search for your business name on Google Maps.
    • Ensure that your business is already signed up on Google My Business. If not, sign up to improve local visibility.
  2. Get the Map Embed Code:
    • Click the “Share” button for your business on Google Maps.
    • Choose the option to “Embed a Map.”
    • Copy the provided HTML link.
  3. Create Your Money Robot Article:
    • Open your Money Robot campaign.
    • Use relevant keywords (e.g., client or business) for your article.
    • Embed the copied HTML link in the article, preferably at the beginning.
    • Leave a couple of spaces between the map and the article text.
    • Add the NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) for the specific business (e.g., emergency plumber).
    • If the address is not specific, include the city, area codes, and country where the business operates.
  4. Preview and Verify:
    • Spin a preview to check how the business name, address, and phone number appear.
    • Ensure that everything is in order.
    • You can also add the business website link if available.
  5. Start the Campaign:
    • Once everything looks good, start your campaign.

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You will learn how to embed the Google Map code inside Money Robot´s Article.
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