Can I run more than one campaign at the same time?


Hi there! Let’s discuss one of the common questions: how many campaigns can you run simultaneously with Money Robot? The good news is that there’s no limit to the number of campaigns or domains you can use. Whether you’re providing backlinks for different clients or managing multiple websites, Money Robot can handle it all. The only limitation will be the capacity of your computer or server (CPU, RAM, etc.). Here are some guidelines:

  1. Campaigns:
    • There’s no strict limit on the number of campaigns you can run concurrently.
    • However, consider practical factors like your computer’s performance and available resources.
    • For new accounts, start with around 10 campaigns. If you’re reusing existing accounts, you can handle more (up to 12-14).
  2. Threads:
    • Threads determine how fast Money Robot processes tasks. Around 24 threads work well for most users.
    • Adjust the number of threads based on your computer’s capabilities.
  3. Diagram Choice:
    • Use diagrams like “1 3 2 12” for new accounts. They’re powerful and quick.
    • Remember, the diagram choice affects the overall campaign performance.
  4. License Usage:
    • With one license, you can run Money Robot on two machines (PCs, laptops, or servers).

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In Money Robot, there is no limit to the number of campaigns running simultaneously.

If the computer is powerful and fast, it can run 10 campaigns simultaneously; however, we generally recommend 2-3 campaigns simultaneously so that the campaigns finish quickly.

If you have a lot of URLs to work on, you can run up to 10 campaigns simultaneously, even more.

My tip is to run up to 4 when creating a new account and up to 12 if you are reusing accounts.

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