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Hi there, this is Gabriela. In this video, we’ll discuss how to run campaigns with Money Robot to rank social media pages. We’re talking about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more. Running your page effectively will definitely garner more likes and followers.

For example, you can add the URL of your social media page to your campaign. It’s also crucial to include posts from your social page that are related to your content or comments that contain your target keywords. These will help your social media page rank faster.

When doing this, it’s important to add the social URL in both the ‘Social’ and ‘Traffic’ tabs to provide an extra boost. If you’re running campaigns for your Facebook page, make sure to add it to both tabs.

Remember, when you place your URL in the ‘Traffic’ or ‘Social’ tabs, you need to continue running campaigns for that link. Don’t run them separately; everything is interconnected. Social pages are ranked similarly to regular websites.

I hope this helps you understand the differences between web pages and social media pages in terms of SEO. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment area. Until the next one!

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* Like Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, IG, and more.
* Creating rankings on social pages will automatically get more likes/followers, etc.
* Adding some posts on the social page that are related to your content (or comments that have the keywords inside) will help get the social media pages ranked faster.
* Add the social URLs also in the social tab and also in the traffic tab; it will provide an extra boost in rankings.

The social pages are ranked in the same way as a regular site URL, and it requires campaigns; the more campaigns, the better.

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