How many threads to use in Money Robot Submitter software?


Hi there! This is Gabriela with another Money Robot video. Let’s discuss a common question: How many threads should you use in Money Robot?

  1. Understanding Threads: Threads represent the number of simultaneous connections or tasks that Money Robot can handle. Think of each thread as a virtual worker—like having people working in the background for you.
  2. Optimal Thread Count: The ideal thread count depends on several factors:
    • Computer Specs: Your computer’s capacity matters. If you have sufficient RAM (gigabytes), you can handle more threads.
    • Success Rate: Keep an eye on the success rate. Typically, 80-85% is normal. If it’s too high, consider reducing threads.
    • Internet Speed: A good internet connection ensures smooth operation.
    • Computer Power: Powerful computers can handle more threads. You can experiment up to 50 threads.
  3. Balancing Act: It’s essential to strike a balance. While some prefer faster backlink creation (10-15 threads), others want a slower pace (e.g., 50 threads). Find what works best for you.

Remember, adjust your thread count based on your computer’s capabilities and your desired success rate. If you have further questions, feel free to ask!

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