What is means the “Spread Submissions Over” feature in Money Robot


Hello! This is Gabriela with another Money Robot video. Let’s discuss submission spread, a common question among users. When setting up a new campaign, you might wonder how many days to input for the submission spread. Personally, I set it to zero, allowing Money Robot to automate the process.

Here’s why: Each campaign progresses at its own pace. Instead of specifying a date, consider adjusting the threads. Using no more than 12 threads will slow down the process, taking about three to four days to complete a campaign, especially if you’re creating new accounts.

After completion, the backend sends the data to the Money Robot indexer incrementally, not all at once. If you’re working with URLs, it might take seven to 15 days to see them appear. Backlinks won’t show up all together; they’ll appear sporadically.

Some users prefer to spread out their campaign over 30 days, which is fine, but remember, it will take those 30 days to complete, plus additional time for indexing. Depending on your website and niche, you might not want too many backlinks quickly. In such cases, create a few campaigns with about five threads, resulting in a gradual increase over a month.

Ultimately, the submission spread allows you to distribute your campaign over days or weeks, depending on your speed preference. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye!

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