How to change the number of links per articles in Money Robot Software


“Hello! Gabriela here. I’d like to address another common question: how to adjust the number of links within an article using Money Robot. It’s quite straightforward:

  1. Access Advanced Mode:
    • When creating a new campaign, right-click anywhere in the gray area.
    • Choose “Activate Advanced Mode.”
    • This unlocks additional features.
  2. Adjusting Link Count:
    • Within the advanced mode, you’ll see a section where you can change the number of links in your article.
    • If you’re adding 10 or 15 URLs to your Money Site URL, consider putting more than one link (e.g., three or four).
    • If your own content already includes links and anchor text, you might not need additional links. In that case, you can leave this field empty or use a random number.

Remember, it’s all about customization based on your specific needs. Feel free to explore more features. Until next time, take care! ????????”

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