I can´t connect to Money Robot Proxies


When I’m opening money robot,, if you see here we are having this  issue connecting to Money Robot Proxies and we’ll keep… going going going like that.  When that happens to you, in this case it didn’t happen,  but, when that happened to you you just  click on the first… any task, okay?   and then, when you are on the task, this task, not here on the campaign,  on here when you click on here on  any of your tasks,  can be here, can be here, can be anywhere, okay? You’re gonna press ctrl + P   for a whole minute or at least  30 seconds,  okay? If you see it is connecting to Money Robot proxies  and you just release it and then if you see it’s not doing anything you just can close it and reopen it,   and it’s supposed to have no issue anymore.  Please let me know if this helped you.  Don’t forget to connect to our website. Bye

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