“In this video, we’ll explore how to create, reuse, and delete categories in Money Robot Submitter. Follow these steps:

  1. Activate Advanced Mode:
    • Right-click on the gray area within the panel.
    • Choose the “Advanced” option to enable Advanced Mode.
  2. Creating a New Category:
    • Click the “Advanced” button.
    • Select the option to create a new category.
    • Name your category (e.g., “Madrid Dentist”).
    • Within this category, you’ll create around 1,000 accounts related to Madrid dentists.
  3. Reusing Existing Accounts:
    • Once you have accounts ready within the “Madrid” category, you can reuse them for other campaigns.
    • Reusing accounts accelerates your ranking process and strengthens your link profile.
  4. Deleting a Category:
    • To delete a category, select it and click the “Delete Category” button.
    • Confirm the deletion when prompted.
    • Verify that the category has been successfully removed by checking the accounts section.
  5. Why Create Categories?
    • Categories are useful when working with different web pages or niches.
    • Separate accounts for different businesses or clients.
    • For example, create a separate category for Madrid real estate accounts and another for Madrid dentist accounts.
    • Each category contains relevant keywords and related content.
  6. Strategies for Web Pages:
    • Consider specific strategies for each web page.
    • Work with keywords related to the content within those pages.
    • Optimize for Madrid dentists, whitening, orthodontics, and other relevant terms.
    • Similarly, focus on houses for sale, apartments for sale, and other real estate keywords.

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In this Money Robot video, I will explain how to activate the advance mode, right-click over the panel/form and click on the “Advanced Mode” tag. It will show you Accounts Section, Generic Section, Youtube area, Image Area and number of link per article

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What is Money Robot?
Money Robot is the ultimate account creation and ranking software. It’s absolutely amazing in ranking websites and videos on Google. Money Robot is a great alternative (and better option in my opinion) than many other tools on the market including RankerX, SENuke, and others.

Money Robot will save you a LOT of money since you don’t have to buy a captcha service or proxy service as both are included and integrated within the software to flawlessly create accounts on Web 2.0, Profiles, and much more.

Money Robot Submitter is the perfect link-building tool. In this Money Robot tutorial, I will show you the best link building software for SEO. You can use Money Robot to rank YouTube videos, websites, and more. It’s great for building authority for your money sites!

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