GENERIC KEYWORDS: Money Robot Software


“To access the generic keywords in Money Robot Submitter, follow these steps:

  1. Activate Advanced Mode:
    • Right-click on the gray area within the panel.
    • Choose the “Advanced” tab to enable Advanced Mode.
  2. Access Generic Keywords:
    • Once Advanced Mode is active, navigate to the generic keywords section.
    • Money Robot Submitter will automatically add generic keywords to your articles. You don’t need to manually input them.
    • However, you can still add or modify words in this area.
  3. Adjust the Percentage (Optional):
    • If desired, you can modify the percentage of generic keywords. I recommend keeping it at no less than 50%.

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To access the generic keywords you need to right-click on the panel and select advanced.

The software will automatically add generic keywords, so you don’t need to add generic keywords.

However, you can add more generic keywords inside this section or change or add your own with other languages.

This is needed only if your site had many old links that have no generic keywords and this will help to dilute the old links, it is recommended to have a minimum 50% of generic keywords even more.

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