Hi there, this is Gabriela. Let’s talk about how to create social bookmark campaigns. Everyone knows social bookmarks are a good backlink for our SEO strategy, and someone asked about how to do it or which diagram to use. I will give you these three diagrams that are totally new from 2022. Remember, all the diagrams we put on the websites are tested for several months and definitely work to rank anything you are working with.

If we want to use this one, this is the first one I suggest, followed by the second and third. Let’s see why. If we are going to use this one, this is the code. You see, it’s several bookmarks going to the money site and then powered up with another tier of social bookmarking. It’s really good, just social marketing, nothing else.

This is really important: remember when you are using a new diagram or creating a new account, you need to create first before reusing. If you don’t create first, you’re going to see your campaign running really fast because you have no account under that category. You need to create first for all these social bookmarking sites if you don’t have any social under a category.

As you see, this diagram is only social, and in this one, you can check. I like this one too because you have just one point on the first tier pointing to one inside, but at the end, you have a tier two with all social on both sides, then giving more power to that tier two or tier three web 2.0 profiles. It’s really good; I’ve tried it with different keywords, and it works really well.

And this one, if you would like to work with not just socials, if you want diversity, definitely, that’s the name of the diagram. It’s really good; you have a leader about everything, you know, social, web 2.0, profile, wiki, social, all everything in tier one going directly to the money site, and then we got that second tier with everything. Here you’re going to have two of each, meaning 8, and then 16 in here. It’s a really powerful diagram.

I hope this helps you. If you would like to work with social bookmarking, anything you have, also here, like, let me show you this one. I like this one; you are, you don’t have social, it’s more like giving you power to your web 2.0, but this type of diagram indexes your backlink really fast. That’s really good.

I really recommend these two. I will put all this information in the description area. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment area. Until the next one!

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You can use these diagrams:
DIAGRAMA: Social Bookmarks Force 2T 16 Tasks – CÓDIGO: 0DF6535A9
DIAGRAMA: Social Bookmarks Tier 1 Power – CÓDIGO: AC44D3598
DIAGRAMA: Diversity Rankings Backlinks on T1 T2 – CÓDIGO: 44D72359W

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