How many keywords per campaign? Money Robot Submitter 2022


Hi there, this is Gabriela. Let’s discuss another common question: how many keywords per campaign? Here are some guidelines based on the competitiveness of your niche:

  1. Small Competitive Niche:
    • For a small competitive niche, you can use two to three keywords.
    • Consider using variations like “Cancun airport transportation” and “Cancun airport private transportation.”
  2. URLs:
    • Typically, use two to three URLs for each campaign.
    • If you have more than three URLs, consider chaining them together.
  3. Diagram Choice:
    • For many URLs, consider using the “Trim” diagram. It’s powerful and effective for citation building.
    • Remember to create accounts first before reusing them.
  4. Situation-Specific Campaigns:
    • In some situations, you might need to create separate campaigns for different purposes (e.g., home page vs. inner pages).
    • Use different URLs and keywords based on the specific context.

Remember to tailor your approach based on the niche and your specific goals. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Until the next one! ????

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Keywords per campaign:

For Small competitive niche:
2-3 keywords per campaign are usually recommended and 2-3 URLs
For Highly competitive niche (with many competitors)
1 keyword per campaign and 1 URL

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