How to insert your Key License in Money Robot Submitter


“Hello there! Gabriela here. I’ll explain how to create an account if you don’t have one yet or how to add the license after getting either the trial or the paid version. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Creating an Account:
    • Click on the “Create Account” button.
    • Enter your email address.
    • Check your email for further instructions. You’ll receive an email with information like this:
    Subject: Money Robot Account Activation Your account has been created successfully. Here are your login details: Email: License Key: ABCDE-FGHIJ-KLMNO-PQRST
    • Use the provided email and license key (which acts as your password) to log in.
  2. Adding the License:
    • If you’ve already purchased a license, click on the “Add License” button.
    • Enter your email (the one used during purchase) and the license key.
    • Click “OK.”
  3. Important Note:
    • When copying the license key, be careful not to include any extra spaces. Sometimes copying directly from the email can introduce spaces unintentionally.
  4. Final Steps:
    • Money Robot will update, and you’ll see a progress bar.
    • Once complete, close any pop-up windows.
    • You’re now ready to explore Money Robot!

Remember, during the trial, you can test the app and request a full refund within seven days if needed. Feel free to explore more features. See you next time! ????????”

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