How to use your Money Robot during the free trial


“Hello there! Gabriela here. Let’s explore how to use Money Robot during the seven-day free trial. Many of you have asked about this, especially when you’re unable to create full campaigns during the trial. Here’s how to make the most of it:

  1. Free Trial Basics:
    • During the free trial, you won’t create full campaigns with tiers (tier one, two, three, etc.). Instead, focus on creating individual articles or blogs.
  2. Creating a Blog or Article:
    • Right-click in the task area.
    • Choose “New Task Web 2.0” or any other relevant option.
    • For simplicity, let’s focus on Web 2.0 blogs.
  3. Spun Articles:
    • Create a spun article. If your article isn’t already spun, click the appropriate option to generate a unique version.
    • Spinning is crucial to avoid duplicate content, which Google dislikes.
  4. Inserting Links:
    • Add your money site URL or the specific page you want to link to.
    • Use relevant keywords for anchor text.
    • Insert the link and save your changes.
  5. Starting the Task:
    • Click “Create” and then “Start Task.”
    • Money Robot will begin creating your blogs.
  6. Checking Progress:
    • Once complete (100% progress), click to check the URLs that have been created.

Remember, the free trial lets you explore Money Robot’s features and test its capabilities. And don’t forget, if you decide to purchase, you have a seven-day refund window. Happy testing! See you next time! ????????”

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