How to use ChatGPT and Money Robot Submitter to create Tier1 Campaigns ????


Hi there! This is Gabby with another video about Money Robot. In this case, let’s discuss Chat GPT. I won’t explain how to use it, as there are plenty of videos and courses available. Instead, I’ll show you how to integrate it with Money Robot.

  1. Using Chat GPT:
    • You can use Chat GPT separately from Money Robot.
    • If you’re not ready for the integrated version (coming soon), follow these steps.
  2. Asking Chat GPT:
    • Ask Chat GPT to write a human-written, SEO-optimized article about the benefits of a healthy diet.
    • Specify that you want it in spin syntax form.
  3. Chat GPT’s Response:
    • Chat GPT will generate the article for you.
    • Remember, you can use the free version or a paid one – whichever suits your needs.
  4. Handling URLs and Keywords:
    • Create an advanced account in Money Robot.
    • Set up your URL (e.g., and keywords (e.g., “healthy diet,” “eating nutritional foods”).
    • Adjust the percentage of links and non-links based on your strategy.
  5. Anchor Text and URL Placement:
    • Decide where you want to place the anchor text and URL.
    • You can either let Chat GPT handle it randomly or manually insert it using HTML.
    • Remember to replace the anchor text and URL with your specific keywords and link.
  6. Preview and Implementation:
    • Preview the article to ensure everything looks good.
    • Spin the content again if needed.
    • Once satisfied, implement it in your campaign.

Remember, this process allows you to leverage Chat GPT’s capabilities while keeping it separate from Money Robot. Feel free to ask any questions, and stay tuned for more videos! ????

✔ ChatGPT Instructions: ????

Could you please write a human written, 100% unique, SEO optimized article on the benefits of a healthy diet in spin syntax format?

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