Money Robot new diagrams for Google Maps Ranking 2023


Hello, this is Gaby. Let’s discuss the new diagrams for June 2023. These diagrams are specifically created for local businesses to enhance their Google Maps rankings, particularly for local niche categories. However, they’re not limited to Google Maps; users with extensive affiliate networks—over 100 websites—have also reported improved results.

Using the New Diagrams:

  • These diagrams are particularly effective for ranking on Google Maps.
  • To use them, simply copy the provided ID code.
  • In Money Robot, go to ‘New Campaign’, navigate to the diagram area, right-click, and select ‘Import Diagrams’.
  • Paste the code, and you’re all set.

Additional Resources:

  • I will detail all these steps in the description area for your convenience.
  • A new video is forthcoming to guide you through the process and demonstrate the expert use of these diagrams.


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  • I’ll respond as promptly as possible.


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✔ These new diagrams are specially designed to help you to rank in Google Maps.

???? I will create a new video to show you one of the strategies that big Money Robot users are implementing and helping them with local business.

Diagram code: 252223R0T – Google Maps Embedding Rankings 8x Web 2.0B
Diagram code: 885B13R02 – Google Maps Rankings – 4x Web directories
Diagram code: 211B53R0D – Local Citations Rankings Circle Power
Diagram code: B01153R08 – Local Niche Lightning Ranking
Diagram code: 9E2084KTT – Local Niche Diamond 5xT1 Local citations
Diagram code: 6B8714KU5 – Local Niche High Competition 5xT1 Link Diversity
Diagram code: 2A6B03R0H – Google My Business Ranking Factors – 4x Web dir
Diagram code: AC9753R0X – Boost Local Rankings – 4x Web directories ranking signals

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