Initial Settings before to start your first campaign in Money Robot Submitter


Hello, this is Gabriela! Let’s discuss the initial settings for starting your first campaign in Money Robot. I’ll break down the steps to help you get started:

  1. Proxies:
    • If you’re using Money Robot proxies, you’re all set. But if you have “no” here, consider using Money Robot’s built-in proxies.
    • Go to Settings and then the Proxies tab. Choose from the list of over 40,000 proxies provided by Money Robot.
    • If you have your own private proxies, add them here along with any necessary passwords.
  2. Captcha Options:
    • Money Robot now includes captchas within the license. You have two choices:
      • Manual Captchas: Solve them yourself when prompted.
      • Automatic Captchas: Let Money Robot handle them for you. They’re quite efficient!
  3. Other Settings:
    • For most users, I recommend leaving other settings as they are. Don’t make unnecessary changes.
    • The Indexing Service is already checked and included in Money Robot. No need to worry about it.
    • Choose your preferred language from the list.
    • The theme (black or regular) is a personal preference. Use what you find comfortable.

Remember, simplicity is key when starting out. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. Good luck with your first campaign! See you next time! ????????

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