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“Hello! This is  Gabriela here, ready to guide you through Money Robot tutorials. Today, let’s discuss how to share diagrams and obtain the necessary code or ID. These are common questions, so let’s dive in:

  1. Accessing Diagrams:
    • Open a new campaign in Money Robot.
    • Navigate to the diagram area within the campaign.
  2. Using the Editor:
    • Click on the diagram you want to share.
    • From the editor, you have two options:
  3. Option 1: Get the Code and ID:
    • Look for the unique ID associated with the diagram. This ID is essential for sharing.
    • Share this ID with anyone who needs to import the same diagram.
  4. Option 2: Email Sharing:
    • Alternatively, click directly on the chart within the diagram.
    • An email option will appear.
    • Use this feature to send the diagram to others.
    • Note: The recipient’s email must be registered with Money Robot for this to work.

Remember, using the ID is straightforward and avoids any mistakes. Feel free to explore more videos like this one. Until next time, take care! ????????”

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