Launch Your First Money Robot Submitter Campaign: 2023 Guide


Hi there, this is Gabriela with new Money Robot videos. I know it’s been a while since my last video, but with all that’s happening with Chat GPT and other developments, I have a lot of information to share with you.

Let’s start with something straightforward: your first Money Robot submitter campaign for 2023. What are the main differences in diagrams? I’ll show you how I do it, how I set it up, and how I manage it.

Firstly, we’ll talk about installing and setting up Money Robot. It’s crucial to download it, install it, open it, enter your license key, and set up your proxies and captchas. We already have videos on this, and I’ll be creating new ones soon. Plus, there’s a big surprise coming, but more on that later.

For now, let’s focus on creating the first campaign. Before diving straight into it, let’s define our approach. I’ll provide a URL and contact information for access to the diagrams, which you can duplicate without any issues. It’s straightforward, but if you prefer to get them directly, just let me know.

I usually work with tier two and Google My Business diagrams. We have some really good tests and diagrams from Google for local SEO, which I’ll show you in different videos. Right now, we’re just setting up the first campaign.

For this campaign, we’ll use two diagrams that I typically prefer. Depending on whether I’m working with tier two or tier one, I always use a different generic percentage.

Here’s what I do: I name the campaign, then add the account. I always create the account in lowercase—I don’t know why, but it works better that way. On the keyword side, I capitalize the keywords. The first thing you need to do is decide which keywords you’re going to work with. For example, I want to work with three types of keywords: ‘defensa laboral,’ ‘defensa deudores,’ and ‘defensas de deudas.’ This means I’ll create three different campaigns for each keyword, using different URLs for each.

When working with tier two, like this one, I use two or three URLs, but for tier one, I always work with just one URL. The important thing is how you build your landing page for tier one. I’m currently creating videos on how to create the perfect landing page with Chat GPT, which is a new tool we’re going to use.

It depends on whether it’s tier one or tier two. For tier two directories or citations, I might use five URLs because you can add up to five URLs per campaign. You can add up to 50 URLs per campaign, depending on the diagram you’re using. Some diagrams are specially created for a large URL book.

After you create your daily configuration and settings, go to the new campaign button, and you’ll get a new window. I like to organize everything based on the keywords I want to use. If you want to discuss keyword research, let me know, and I can also do a video on that.

I like to keep everything in order because it makes it easier for anyone following your instructions to create the campaign. I usually create it like this and then have a co-worker help me follow up. I always use a Money Robot VPS, which I’ve been working with for about five years.

For this campaign, we’re going to use a specific diagram. I just put the name, so it’s easier for me or anyone else working with them to find. In this case, I don’t think the diagram code is going to be this one. I copy it, then go to the area where we have a video on how to import diagrams, how to share diagrams, and how to send them to a friend. You’ll find it on our YouTube channel. Right-click, import, and boom, you’ve got it.

I’m going to add it also with different ones. If I’m using only two, maybe I’ll use this one and then restart again. It’s going to be maybe 10 or 12 campaigns per account. It doesn’t matter if you’re using different URLs, or you can use different ones.

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