Video Ranking Process in Money Robot Software


“For YouTube video ranking, it’s highly recommended to include the video within an article. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Select Your Video:
    • Choose the video you want to rank. Make sure it’s relevant to your target keywords.
  2. Add the Video URL to Your Article:
    • On your money site or wherever you’re publishing the article, insert the video’s URL.
    • Next, identify the keywords you want to rank for. These keywords should be related to the video content.
  3. Generate the Article:
    • Click to generate the article. Once it’s created, preview it to ensure everything looks good.
    • You’ll notice that the video is now embedded within the article, along with relevant anchor text for the keywords.
  4. Spin the Article (Optional):
    • If desired, spin the article to create variations. This helps avoid duplicate content issues.
    • Even after spinning, the video remains the same.

Remember: Adding videos to web 2.0 properties is a strong signal for better rankings—up to 30-40% more effective. If you found this helpful, consider subscribing for more videos like this. See you in the next one!”

How to rank a Video in Youtube.

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