Re-use (re-post) to same Accounts – Money Robot Software


“In this video, we’ll explore how to create campaigns by reusing previously established accounts. Follow these steps:

  1. Open a New Campaign:
    • Start by opening a new campaign in Money Robot Submitter.
    • Right-click on the gray area and select “Advanced Mode.”
  2. Access the Account Section:
    • Once in Advanced Mode, you’ll have access to additional features.
    • Click the button that opens the account area.
  3. Reuse Existing Accounts:
    • Look for the option to use already existing accounts.
    • Choose from your previously created accounts.
    • Reusing accounts is essential because it accelerates your ranking process. Having more publications across web 2.0 properties strengthens your link profile and boosts your overall SEO power.

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The accounts reusing process is a very important process, it will provide much faster rankings because having more articles (posts) per web 2.0 account will help a lot in getting more power to every web 2.0 blog account, this is the reason why once you will reuse a part of the accounts at least one time, the rankings speed will increase much faster.

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