Can I start multiple tasks at the same time in a Money Robot campaign?


Hey there, this is Gabriela. Let’s address a common question: Can I start multiple tasks at the same time? We’re talking about campaigns, and if you look at these two examples I created, you’ll notice one is creating a new account. What I did was go to the ‘Create a New Account’ option. When that happens, it starts by first creating accounts. You can’t jump any tasks because you need to create the account before starting to create blogs.

In another scenario, we have ‘Reusing Accounts.’ That’s when you’ll see the progress bar like this, indicating accounts are being created but not new ones; they’re under the account we’ve already worked with. If you see a star like this one, just let Money Robot do its thing in its own space. Don’t try to start a task manually; leave Money Robot alone because it knows what to do first.

Especially when reusing accounts, you need to let Money Robot create those blogs before starting to publish articles. Don’t try to start the tasks manually because it won’t create anything; it will show zero since it doesn’t have those accounts created first.

The idea is definitely not to start any task inside your campaign or projects manually. If you need to go faster and your computer or VPS has enough power, you can increase the number of simultaneous tasks up to 50. But don’t start them yourself; let Money Robot handle the order of operations, first creating or reusing, and then starting Tier 1 and Tier 2 for those Tier 1 tasks.

I hope this answers your question. If you have any more, please leave them in the comment section, and until the next video, ciao!

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